New Series on Misunderstood Road Rules

While browsing various Facebook motoring pages and reading some of the comments I have concluded that there are many misunderstood, or even unknown, road rules for many drivers.

I have decided to write some posts explaining what I believe are some of the most significantly misunderstood rules. As I am a South Australian Motor Driving Instructor (MDI), these posts are obviously going to be written from a South Australian perspective. Other States and Territories have their own variations, although all are predominantly based on the 1999 Australian Road Rules, and of course other countries have completely different road laws.

I have several topics in mind which I will be writing about in the coming weeks as time allows. If have any topics that you would like me to write on please contact me using the contact form below.

Some topics that I am considering covering in the coming weeks are:

  • Keep Left Unless Overtaking
  • The “Right of Way” Myth
  • Driver’s Response to Emergency Vehicles
  • School Zones
  • Roundabouts
  • Give Way and Stop signs and markings



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